We have over 19 years of experience in the photography + video production industry.


Whether you are launching a new product for your brand or need fresh content for an established product or service, you’ll find our dynamic imagery and compelling visual storytelling engaging and memorable for your target audience. Each creative decision we make is motivated by showcasing the strengths of your product while evoking the desired mood and emotion by which your ideal customer is most inspired. We have no shortage of inventive brain power, gadgets, and gizmos to launch your product to new heights (sometimes literally), as we create precise lighting setups and scenes that spotlight your product in its most effective presentation. As the media landscape is ever changing, our research of new and trending technologies never stops. We understand that brands need a fully immersed, omni-channel presence to spark their audience’s curiosity at every touch point. We would love to be a creative partner with you and would be delighted to hear from you!



commercial/Product photography for:

  • Advertising

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media

  • eCommerce

  • Packshots and Catalog

  • Digital and Print Display (Point of Sale, In Store Displays)

  • Commercial Signage and Fine Art Displays


Motion production for:

  • Advertising (Digital and Broadcast)

  • Digital Media Marketing Assets

  • Product Promotional Videos

  • Brand Films

  • eCommerce Digital Assets


“I need more toys for my desk”

~Michael Winslett

michael winslett

Founder, Photographer & Director

Michael has over 19 years of filmmaking, photography, digital media and visual art experience. More importantly, you will find that he has very little space left on his desk due to his vast collection of Marvel and Star Wars toys. He is also an avid musician, music composer and enjoys long dinners involving shrimp and cheesecake. He is an active member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). He is constantly in a state of learning new skills and technologies and is involved in several high level educational master groups for both photography and filmmaking. His drive for creating began at a very early age, and he has had the opportunity to work for Google, AT&T, The Art Institutes, and Speed Channel to name a few.

Contact Michael: michael@winslettmediagroup.com